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Personality of the Russian Blue

This is an extraction from a great book about the breed by Dr. Ingeborg Urcia.

“As a pet, the Russian Blue is amiable, easy going and very gentle. Polite and well behaved, it will never make a nuisance of itself. Among cat fanciers, it is sometimes known as the "apartment cat" and this description fits it quite well. It is quiet enough not to upset any neighbors, regardless of how thin the walls are, it is exceptionally, even fussily clean, and it is docile and content to live the life of a beloved indoor pet. Unlike the Siamese, the Russian Blue has a fine, melodic voice which it seldom uses.”

“Cleanliness ranks very high with the Russian Blue. It likes its litter pan fresh and sweet smelling, and will let its owners know in no uncertain terms when the box does not meet its approval.”

“The Russian Blue is a very intelligent cat who is quite adept at problem solving, and can be trained quite easily… They can be taught to walk on leash, and some owners have had success with training their Russian Blue to use the toilet.”

“The loyalty of a Russian Blue must be experienced to be believed. It is absolutely devoted to its family or person, and gives its affection for life. This means, of course, that it expects the same from its people… Its patience with small children is great, and it will tolerate even clumsy but well meaning attention. Loud noises are abhorred, but the cat should be exposed to routine disturbances such as the vacuum cleaner or the door bell, because if it is too sheltered it may bolt at unusual sounds.”

“The Russian Blue is a well-mannered cat, and can easily learn the household routine. Unlike some other breeds, it is not pushy and doesn't go where it is not wanted. A firm "no" is usually all that is needed to discourage undesirable behavior.”

Reference: Urcia, I. “The Russian Blue Cat”, 1st ed., Elias Holl Press, 1992, p. 38-42.


CFA International Show - Russian Blue Kitten Class Judging

The emeralds and Mona Lisa’s smile

The International Cat Association (TICA) describes the aristocratic Russian Blue as the gem of the feline world. “The elegant silver setting is one set to house priceless jewels – and those jewels are the glowing emeralds that serve as eyes in these magnificent cats. The deep, vivid green eyes engage your attention and draw you deep into their depths. The enigmatic smile hovers on the face as the cat watches you entranced with its regal bearing.”  The mysterious smile of the Russian Blue was compared by the experts to the smile of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. There is a close resemblance indeed – see for yourself.



A portrait of Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci Click on the image for more information


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