Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have kittens available for adoption?

Gememerald is a small family style cattery producing only one or two litters a year. There is typically a waiting time before acquiring a kitten. It is not unusual to wait for 10 to 15 months or sometimes longer but the kittens are really worth waiting! For kitten inquiries please send us an e-mail.

Do you have a kitten waiting list?

We do not maintain a waiting list until we know which kittens are available for adoption. It is difficult to predict the number of kittens in an upcoming litter, their gender and which kittens would stay in the cattery or go to another breeder. Breeding always takes priority over placing kittens in pet homes. We are a small cattery. In addition, a typical Russian Blue female gives birth to only a few kittens at the time. Write to us to inquire about kitten availability.

At what age Gememerald kittens can be adopted and why?

Our kittens do not leave for a new home until they reach the age of at least 4 months. At this age they have all appropriate vaccinations and will be spayed or neutered and often microchiped.

Do you guarantee health?

We guarantee that a kitten is in good health at the time of adoption. A new owner is encouraged to have the kitten examined by their own veterinarian within a few days of adoption to confirm its good health. We test our breeding stock for 40 genetic diseases and over 25 traits including HCM, PKD, Pk-def, PRA-b, Agouti, Longhair, Dilute, and Blood Type among others. This is an added bonus when adopting a kitten from our cattery. The details of health guarantee and genetic health guarantee are outlines in the written contract.

Where are you located?

We are located in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Do you ship your kittens?

We do not ship our kittens. You need to pick up your kitten in person. The fly-in options include Philadelphia and Trenton airports.

Can your cattery be visited?

Gememerald is a closed cattery and visitations are not allowed; however, you are welcome to meet us and our cats and (or) kittens at a cat show. We are exhibiting quite frequently.

Do you have a Facebook page?

We do not have a Facebook page; however, you can find Gememerald Russian Blues on Instagram.

Are Russian Blue cats hypoallergenic?

Some people are allergic to a feline protein (allergen) which is produced in the body of a cat and secreted with saliva. When cats groom themselves, the allergen is being deposited in their fur. All cats produce this protein but certain breeds may produce it in smaller quantities. Individual human sensitivity to the allergen is also highly variable. Certain people can exhibit a severe reaction to even a minute quantity of the allergen. For additional information please visit CFA Russian Blue Breed Council website.

Why we do not place our kittens in families with allergies?

We strive to find a permanent home for our kittens. We consider a transfer of our cat/kitten to a shelter or another person after the initial adoption to be unacceptable. Our kittens are exclusive. The number of prospective adopting families is much greater than the number of kittens we may have. With this in mind, we do not place our kittens in families with allergies.

Do you recommend the Litter Robot?

The Litter Robot is a great product. All Gememerald kittens and cats are trained to use it. The Litter Robot is a good investment if you never want to scoop the litter again. Write to us if you have questions. If you would like to get the Litter Robot, we are happy to share our cattery discount with you. Retrieve a coupon by clicking on the picture below.

Litter Robot

Do you recommend other automatic cleaning litter boxes?

We are currently testing a new product, Leo’s Loo Too, courtesy of Smarty Pear. Leo’s Loo Too is comparable to the Litter Robot and may offer several advantages. Leo’s Loo Too could be the smartest available self-cleaning litter box. It offers quiet sifting for self cleaning, Google Assistant and Alexa voice controls, mobile app, radar detection, anti-pinch sensor and UV light sanitation to kills bacteria and to eliminate the odor. Smarty Pear offers a variety of accessories for Leo’s Loo Too such as bamboo charcoal air fresheners, drawstring waste drawer liners and charcoal filter replacements. To learn more about Leo’s Loo Too, receive free shipping and retrieve a $25 discount coupon click on the picture below.



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