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RW GC (CFA), IW BW SGC (TICA) Emerald Snow Maestro Antigene

Antigene is a foundation cat of our cattery. Antigene’s portrait as a kitten is a part of Gememerald Family Crest (cattery logo). Antigene was born in Canada, in our sister cattery Emerald Snow (bred by Yulia Spivak). Antigene is a beautiful cat with a sweet and loving personality, gorgeous green eye color, great ear set and profile. He has luxurious pale blue coat with a feeling of a raw silk upon the touch.


Gembitsky 8-5x12 Bleed 2 19DD

Antigene achieved the titles of Grand Champion in CFA and Supreme Grand Champion in TICA. He obtained Regional Awards in both associations. Antigene is TICA International Breed Winner and 22nd Best International Cat of the Year among all the breeds. TICA Yearbook (2019) features a story about Antigene.


RW GC (CFA), RW SGC (TICA) Tylona’s Blue Diamond of Gememerald

Blue Diamond joined us from the state of Michigan (bred by Barbara and Tim Schreck, Tylona cattery). Blue Diamond has great refinement, plush silvery blue coat and enormously beautiful emerald green eyes.



Blue Diamond achieved the titles of Grand Champion in CFA and Supreme Grand Champion in TICA. She obtained Regional Awards in both associations. Blue Diamond is a sweet cat and good mother.


GC (CFA) Gememerald Firiona Vie

Firiona Vie was born in our cattery. Firiona Vie has large intelligent emerald green eyes, super body length, leg length and refinement and lovely dense silvery blue coat.



Firiona Vie achieved CFA title of Grand Champion in one show. She was the best Russian Blue kitten at the CFA International Show (Teal Show) in 2019. Firiona Vie earned the Spectator Choice Award at NEMO Cat Club Show in Sturbridge, MA.



Firiona Vie is a fashionista cat who showcased Gememerald designer dresses around the United States, including CFA International Show in Cleveland and TICA  Annual Show in Las Vegas.



Firiona Vie’s sisters Lanys and Magic Diamond live in Upton, MA.




Gememerald Russian Blues

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